Faculty and Staff Directory


Laura Badillo: Principal, Heritage Junior High School

Jason Gaylord: Assistant Principal,  Heritage Junior High School

Shawn Roner: Executive Director, American Heritage Charter Schools

Sheila Randle: Business Manager

Support Staff

Rebecca Gomez: Administrative Assistant

Shannon Traina: Office Assistant

Terri Johnson: Payroll/Human Resources
Jana Miranda: Accounts Payable/Payroll
Cynthia Inners-Noaker: Purchasing/New Hire Enrollments


Attalla, Michele: Special Education Teacher

Collins, Kristin: History Teacher, 8

Cozzi, Anthony: P.E. Teacher, 7/8

Dominguez, Beckie: Yearbook Club

Dresback, Lisa: Academic Writing Teacher, 8

Fisher, Sarah: Science Teacher, 8

Fredenburg, Wendy: Math Teacher, 7/8

Kemp, Chase: History Teacher, 7

Lasley, Denise: Math Teacher, 7/8

Lloyd, Lael: Great Books Teacher, 7

Ohmann, Paul: Leadership, Robotics, and Science Teacher, 7

Phillips, Amanda: Academic Advisor/Student Services

Reister, Kent:Great Books Teacher, 8

Rosemann, Lauren: Academic Writing Teacher, 7/8

Shahmoradian, Melissa: Math Teacher, 7/8

Smith, Maria: Project Lead the Way and Math Teacher, 7/8

West, Janice: Math Teacher 7/8

Young, Lisa: Grammar Aide, 7/8