Hello Heritage Junior High School Families 

We are very excited for the 2022-2023 school year! Though last year had its challenges, we are proud of the great work our staff, teachers, students, and parents accomplished. Building off of that success, we have been preparing for another amazing school year. We appreciate your choice to enroll your student(s) at Heritage Junior High School and remain dedicated to keeping your student(s) safe, holding your student(s) to high academic standards, and developing your student(s) character.

In order to foster good character, Heritage Junior High School will be emphasizing one virtue every month through our “Wooden Wins” philosophy. We are happy to announce that Responsibility will be our virtue for the first month of school. During that month, students will be learning about Responsibility throughout their coursework in order to become better and more productive citizens. This will culminate at our monthly “Virtue” Assembly which will emphasize the virtue of the month and honor those students who best demonstrated that virtue and those students who excelled academically.

This year we are also very excited to introduce a new academic program through Project Lead the Way (PLTW), App Creators. Seventh graders will be enrolled in Medical Detectives while our eighth graders will be placed in App Creators. These courses push students to engage learning and achieve at a high level while also allowing students to use their hands and apply their knowledge. The curriculum has been adopted by many other schools and has had great success at improving students’ ELA, math, and science skills.

Finally, we know that having your student(s) attend Heritage Junior High School is a choice, and we are privileged to have you. We will continue to work hard at being the best junior high in the valley and believe with the expertise of our educators, friendliness of our staff, and dedication of our HJHS families, Heritage Junior High School can be just that.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your students on campus.


Jason Gaylord

Principal, Heritage Junior High School